Lock-Bits can be used to protect the entire AVR or certain memory areas against changes and / or readouts. Today there are hardly any avr-supported products on the public market that come along without set lock bits. The Lock-Bitsare set by the programming device when the AVR is burned.

Lock-Bits can only be set after the burn process is complete.

There are two different types of Lock-Bits:

1. The normal Lock-Bits LB1 + LB2 for external write and read operations

2. The boot Lock-Bits BLB01 + BLB02 + BLB11 + BLB12 for internal write and read operations.

Here is a brief overview:

1. LB1, LB2: Write and read protection of Flash and EEPROM against operations by the programmer. The Lock-Bits LB1 and LB2 have no influence on read and write operations of the bootloader.

2. BLB01, BLB02: Protection of the normal program area from access by the bootloader

3. BLB11, BLB12: Protection of the bootloader area

Usually it is not possible to read out successfully when the Lock-Bitsare set. The protection is extremely effective.

lock bits

The configuration of the Lock-Bitsis supplied by us.

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