The costs for reading chips vary. We offer our business partners an absolutely fair price-performance relationship.

Depending on the type and manufacturer, the net costs are between around 400 and 5,000 euros. In exceptional cases also higher. The delivery times are between 2-4 weeks. Express service possible.

Processing an order:

  • You ask us for the type(s) you want (please give the exact chip designation)
  • After receiving our offer, you can decide to place an order.
  • You will immediately receive an advance invoice by e-mail and can pay it immediately.
  • At the same time, you send us the chip to be read by registered mail, DHL parcel, UPS, etc.
  • After we have received the chip and your payment, you will receive the read BIN program code of the chip by e-mail within the agreed delivery time.
  • The chip sent to us for reading can no longer be made available to the customer.

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