We break the chip!


We read the chip files (despite lock bits / read locks) and you can access the data or program new chips immediately.

There are many reasons why program codes of electronic chips should be read out. Mikrocontrollers are usually protected against being read out with LockBits, so that it is practically impossible to read out the existing binary code.

In which situations can it be necessary to read chips?

Internal problems:
• Sometimes program codes are lost in a company, e.g. due to damage, accidental deletion or overwriting of storage media, etc., making it impossible to program additional chips. Such problems often arise with older chip versions that are programmed only irregularly or rarely.

In the past, we were often able to quickly help to restart series production by reading out an already programmed series chip (with LockBits).

  • New production of older systems where the earlier program codes no longer exist.
  • Repair of high-quality systems for which programmed replacement chips are no longer
  • Project-related employees leave the company and program codes can no longer be found
    or are unusable
  • Chip programming must be reworked or adapted, but the original program code is missing
  • Nowadays, reverse engineering is an important economical factor for new developments. But also further developments of an existing product can often only then be realized, when existing know-how is used as a base.

External reasons:

  • Checking of program codes in chips of third-party products in case of suspected infringement of one's own copyright by third parties
  • Checking of program codes in chips of third-party products to ensure that own developments do not infringe existing copyrights of third parties on program codes

Our work begins in this high-tech segment: We offer quick help with a unique price-performance ratio in order to promptly read out memory contents and make them available to our customers

Our clientele includes globally active industrial and research companies, small and medium-sized development companies in the electronics sector and police authorities (providing evidence in the area of ​​gang crime - chip manipulation in cash points / ATMs etc.-).

Save time, effort and costs with our know-how

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